The ZPC Board of Deacons is a group that is ordained to provide hands-on care to our congregation and beyond through Deacon care teams. These teams serve as specialists in their respective areas, mobilizing others to help provide person-to-person care with a goal that every person will know the care and love of God. 

Deacons Class of 2018

Profile image of Denny Baldauf

Denny Baldauf

Deacon: Hospital Team, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Angela Bourff

Angela Bourff

Deacon: Welcome Shepherds, leader


Angela has been attending ZPC for 14 years. "The church “regrowing” has shown me God at work in ZPC."

Angela's Hidden Talent: "I Write original (and dumb) songs to the tune of nursery rhymes."

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Jane Burgess

Deacon: Prayer Team, leader


Jane and her Husband Claude have been at ZPC for over 15 years. They have a young adult daughter; Kristin and a college bound son; Thomas. Jane hopes to help our congregation to be more intentional in praying daily for our local, national, and world missionaries, and to be praying for one another.  

Jane's Hidden Talent: She is not afraid of heights, since she bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, she also can teach you how to color code your Calendar Organizer.  

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Teresa Crockett

Deacon: Bundle of Joy, leader


Teresa and her husband Terry have been at ZPC since 2000. Teresa shared, “I have been so blessed to be a part of a home group over the last year. I have been in small groups in the past and feel they are so important for growth and fellowship within the church. Getting to know people, learning more about the Bible, spending time in Christian fellowship and praying together all help us get to know ourselves better and bring us closer to our God. It is so good to share our lives and our walks with Christ together, and I feel this has been a huge step forward for us at ZPC and hope to see it continue. What a blessing to know there are over 300 participating. Wow, God is working...”

Teresa’s Hidden Talent: “I think it is still hidden and I haven't found it yet, but I am waiting.”

Profile image of Karen Elliott

Karen Elliott

Deacon: Hospital Team


Karen first worshiped at ZPC in 1996. Karen shared, "I have seen God at work at ZPC by guiding us to be a congregation who does as Jesus did.  We reach out in many different avenues to love thy neighbor, wherever they are, missions, Kairos ministry, Jeremiah House, small groups, etc."

Karen's Hidden Talent: "I was a butcherette in a grocery store during the summers when I was in college."

Profile image of Mike E Ellis

Mike E Ellis

Deacon: Connection Team, leader


Mike and his wife Beth have been attending ZPC since 2002. Mike prays that God would continue to fill us to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, so that we “spill” over into others’ lives….daily.

Mike's Hidden Talent: is TOP secret!

Profile image of Steve Ray

Steve Ray

Deacon: Youth & Young Adult Team, leader


Steve and his wife Mary have attended ZPC since 2001. Steve commented, "I see God at work at ZPC daily. ZPC truly exemplifies Jesus’ command that we serve others. ZPC actively serves the local community through children and youth education, adult education, and local missions, while aggressively working to be the hands and feet of Christ throughout the world."

Steve's Hidden Talent: "They are so hidden that I am unaware of them."

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Mona Ruby

Deacon: Bereavement, leader


Deacons Class of 2019

Profile image of Judy Barnes

Judy Barnes

Deacon: Bundle of Joy


Judy has been serving at ZPC for over 20 years, her family includes Chip Barnes Family, Robin and Anthony Barr, David Barnes, she is also a proud grandmother. She hopes to connect others with a ministry and the Lord and His word. To make them feel at home at ZPC.

Judy's Hidden Talent: She can remember details. 

Profile image of Susan Berry

Susan Berry

Deacon: Hospital Team, leader; Deacon Clerk


Profile image of Jill Bonnell

Jill Bonnell

Deacon: Prayer Team, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Lori Fulk

Lori Fulk

Deacon: Bundle of Joy, leader-in-succession


Lori and her husband Greg along with their daughters Sara & Kelly started attending ZPC in 2015 Lori Shared "I truly enjoy breaking bread and sharing in communion with others (assigned to the meal train deacon, no surprise!). I hope that by just showing up into people's lives, and being of good use, I will do my part in loving our community well. I wake up every day and ask Jesus to send me where he needs me, and He always answers with a full day!" 

Lori's Hidden Talent: I live by the "this little light of mine" rule, but unfortunately my little light occasionally gets out of hand, starts wildfires, and spreads general mayhem.

Profile image of Steve Furste

Steve Furste

Deacon: Community Assistance, leader


Steve and his wife Becky have been at ZPC since 1991. They have four grown children: Jennifer Robinson, Jennifer La Moria, Andy Furste, Jeff Richter

 Steve's Hidden Talent: Writing

Profile image of John Hicks

John Hicks

Deacon: Community Assistance, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Anne Kelvin

Anne Kelvin

Deacon: Bereavement, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Mark Purvis

Mark Purvis

Deacon: Fellowship Team, leader


Mark is marred to Mary K, they have been attending ZPC since November 2014. They have a school aged son Cooper and are in the process of bringing home 3 siblings from Bulgaria. Mark has said his goal is "To be able to meet people in our church that I would not otherwise have the chance to meet. Create and nurture long lasting friendships with other people of Christ inside and outside the walls of our church."

Mark's Hidden Talent: My selective memory: I can still remember the license plate # from an accident that my father, sister and I were in in 1984, but I can't remember what my wife's work schedule is!

Deacons Class of 2020

Profile image of Jan Edds

Jan Edds

Deacon: Prayer Team


Jan has been attending ZPC for 4 years along with her Husband Dick Spolyer. Jan has 4 children and 9 grandchildren. She says "God chose me to help spread the word in a special way by helping others to pray and support the many ministries we have here at ZPC." We're excited to see what God will do through her passion for prayer!

Jan's hobby: She enjoys sailing!

Profile image of Trena Finch

Trena Finch

Deacon: Fellowship Team, leader-in-succession


Trena is excited to serve with the Deacons of Fun team because she values fun! She's married to Scott Finch and they have two adult daughters Leeza Finch and Rebecca Finch.  Trena has been serving at ZPC for 25 years and especially loves to serve as an amazing Sunday School teacher!

Trena's hobbies include: Scrap booking,, reading Robert B. Parker books and Maisie Dobbs books, walking and bike riding, going to the movies and watching TV.

Profile image of Shawn Grimes

Shawn Grimes

Deacon: Welcome Shepherds


Shawn and his wife Cara have been attending ZPC since February 2014 they have a daughter Olivia. He enjoys helping to keep ZPC the warm and welcoming place that it is. He hopes to provide visitor’s the same wonderful, God-filled experience that my family and I had on our first visit here.

Shawn's Hidden Talent: He is a master at Seinfeld trivia.

Profile image of Julie Judd

Julie Judd

Deacon: Youth & Young Adult Team, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Tim Millar

Tim Millar

Deacon: Hospital Team


Tim has been at ZPC for 15 years, he choose to serve because he has a great respect for the people of ZPC and feels blessed to be called to serve as a Deacon. He looks forward to continuing the great work and leadership of prior Deacons. Tim has 3 daughters: Kelli, Erica, Lindsay.  Both Kelli and Erica are getting married to great men in the fall of 2018 at ZPC. Lindsay is a student at Butler.

Tim's hobby: He plays a sport that not many Hoosiers hockey! 


Profile image of Andy Peters

Andy Peters

Deacon: Bereavement


Profile image of Alan Quick

Alan Quick

Deacon: Welcome Shepherds, leader-in-succession


Profile image of Greg Rankin

Greg Rankin

Deacon: Connection Team, leader-in-succession


Greg is married to Dinah and they have two young adult children, an older daughter Hadley and younger son Ben. Their family has served together at ZPC for over 10 years. Greg wants to help people connect at ZPC and find their place to serve​. 

Greg's Favorite Hobby:​ He loves fishing​.