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About the author: You’ll see Lisa’s friendly face when you visit the ZPC office, where she has served for 15 years. Lisa loves being moved by God's word, spending time with her family, being outside, and connecting with people. She is married to her best friend, Shawn. Together they have a daughter Evey (8), and a son Grayson (6). Lisa’s hobbies include, baking, spontaneous dance parties, and photography.  

About this post: This blog post is part of a series of daily devotionals for Holy Week. To sign up to receive text notification of these posts, text zpcdevo to 39970. We welcome your comments and questions each day.


I love people and enjoy learning more about them, and how they process the world by asking questions. A few of my favorite questions are:
In your opinion what’s the best way to spend five dollars? For me, it’s surprising someone behind me in a drive through line and paying for their food, or bringing a friend coffee.

What’s the best detour your life has ever taken? My answer is God moving me from Indy to Lebanon during my freshman year of High School. Looking back, I would have said the opposite of this move, but now I’m able to see the beauty in that journey.

Another great question is:
If you knew it was going to be your last meal what would you eat? My grandfather passed away this year and I was in the room with him when he took his last meal of Holy Communion. It was bittersweet, but I believe that this moment was a beautiful picture of eternity. And if you’re wondering, if I knew it was my last meal, I’d probably want a truckload of desserts.

Jesus knew this was going to be his last meal, but he didn’t want dessert first. He wanted to honor the Jewish tradition of Passover and glorify his Father with his friends around a table. Jesus gave fully of himself to them, he was going to become their new covenant with God, their new Passover lamb. He modeled gratitude in the midst of fear and suffering to reveal the power it would bring through the resurrection. He poured out his life for his friends symbolically and physically, so we can stand in God’s holy presence.

As you remember the last supper and practice this sacred moment, may you be reminded that Jesus loves you fully. He wants you to share time around a table in community with you. You’re welcome at his table. Our church family has lots of tables and opportunities, to pull up a chair, and be in fellowship. It might be a meal with your Home Group, a Second Half Adventures lunch, a MOPS gathering, an All Church Brunch, or even being inspired to invite your neighbor over for dinner. The table is powerful, and can be a place of healing, and to share in true community; a place where we remember that we belong and are worthy of love.


God, thank you for the gift of your precious son Jesus who showed us what love looks like. Help us to draw closer to him as we experience his new covenant as God’s redeemed people. Help us to gather around the table more often and share in holy fellowship with each other. Amen

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In difficult seasons

Editor's note

About the author: Karen Cunningham, her husband, Bill, and sons Will and Cameron have attended ZPC since moving to Zionsville in 2004. With a career in marketing, Karen has enjoyed serving on several ZPC communications teams over the years. As a recent empty nester, she enjoys being able to volunteer her time with Parent Life, Campus Life and as a therapy team with her dog, Archie, for Paws & Think.

About this post: This blog post is part of a series of daily devotionals for Holy Week. To sign up to receive text notification of these posts, text zpcdevo to 39970. We welcome your comments and questions each day.

Today's scripture: Isaiah 42:1-4

In today’s fast-paced, perpetually connected world, it seems we are bombarded by stories of conflict, pain, and suffering  – in our world, in our country, and even close to home in our communities and families. With constant, easy access to news, the stories can become overwhelming, causing us to lose hope and leaving us wondering where God is in the midst of it all and if collectively, we can truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are suffering. Closer to home, we try to help our family members and friends struggling to cope with various life challenges such as anxiety and depression, serious illness and loss of loved ones.

For our family, the past few months have been particularly challenging as two close family members face recent cancer diagnoses and treatment. While we continue to be present for them as much as possible, it is difficult to see them suffer and we are confronted with the reality that while we wish we could, we just can’t “fix” things.  

In difficult seasons of life, it is easy to lose perspective, but this passage reminds us to zoom out from the details and focus on God’s greater promise and plan. We can trust that God IS indeed in ALL the details of EVERY situation and that justice will prevail. God’s servant is strong, mighty and all-powerful, but he will not “shout or cry out, or raise his voice in the streets” demanding justice. Instead, he is gentle, humble and compassionate and knows the most intimate details of our pain and suffering. He has the power, capacity, and desire to help us and will do so with the utmost care – “a bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.” He is the perfect example for us to follow as we strive to shine his light and make a difference in the world whether far away or close to home. How wonderful that we can come to him with the assurance that he is good, faithful and trustworthy.


Heavenly Father,
We are in awe of you. You have great strength and power, yet you are tender, humble and compassionate. You know the details of each and every situation, and you care deeply about each and every one of us. Thank you for loving us fiercely. Please help us follow your perfect example of kindness, compassion, and humility, and encourage us as we strive to help others. When we falter, remind us that you have the ultimate plan and you are in control. Thank you for your faithfulness and your perfect fatherly love.

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