We Believe

Making disciples has been a vital part of the DNA of ZPC since its genesis. Our mission has always been  “Called together by God to make disciples and release them for service in our broken world.”

We seek to do this through providing a caring community to those within the walls of ZPC and also to extend that sense of care out into the world both near and far. We also value Christ-centered worship and study and seek to live out the teaching of scripture through hands on mission opportunities.

ZPC is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and we recently joined the Fellowship of Presbyterians. Fellowship churches desire to be “built around a strong theological center, a commitment that the Church exists first and foremost to proclaim Jesus Christ in words and actions beyond its walls, and a deep desire to share a life of discipline and prayer in covenant with other like-minded disciples within and beyond the PC(USA).” The Fellowship also has a firm commitment to build “flourishing communities who make disciples of Jesus Christ,” which is exactly what ZPC strives to do!


We want to be intentional learners of what Jesus thinks, says, and does. To follow this path, ZPC strives to embody the Six Marks of a Disciple:

A Heart for Christ Alone

Jesus, as the one-and-only Son of God, becomes the priority in all of life; we worship him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

A Mind Transformed by the Word

We progressively come to view the world as God views it, setting aside the world’s values as our minds are continually renewed by God’s Word.

Arms of Love

As the hands and feet of Jesus, we come alongside others in need, extend compassion, welcome the stranger, and live in a community of mutual care with other disciples.

Knees for Prayer

Our posture before God is one of continual dependence, trusting deeply that God is in charge of everything, conversing always about what he and we are accomplishing together.

A Voice to Speak the Good News

We embrace the call to share Jesus with those who do not know him, leading them to faith, answering questions, and providing hope and encouragement for those who already know the truth.

A Spirit of Servanthood and Stewardship

We live as servants of God and each other, doing good through the gifts the Spirit has given us, living generously and simply, and seeking to bring about the fullest expression of God’s rule in our culture.