New Testament

Read the New Testament in a year

Do you ever feel like you're behind?

This could be because if you're reading through the New Testament on You Version and started around January 17, we are a bit behind where the sermon scriptures have been. This is because the sermon scriptures and the New Testament Reading Plan have us finishing the reading by December 31. The You Version app, because we started on January 17 is a little behind that. We just wanted you to know that it's okay either way! For more information about reading through the New Testament, see below. Thanks!

Join us in reading the New Testament in a Year. You can do it - it averages 5 chapters a week or less than a chapter a day, and if you get behind you can catch up. We will use Reading through the New Testament in a year with the Bible Project. It's available on thYou Version Bible App. See our instructional videos on how to download the app and the plan below. Once you choose the reading plan, it starts that day. We will also offer you an easy one page document to see what to read each week.  So please join us in this new challenge we can all do at home and at church in 2021.

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Download a PDF of the Reading Plan