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Grace Dangerous
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Grace Dangerous

Sunday, April 11, 2021

As you probably know, the title for our sermon series this year is "Grace Dangerous." As Jerry explained in his first sermon of the series, the series title is reflecting how grace is a gift from God and it comes first. But when we accept God’s grace it can be dangerous in the sense that he will shape us and call us to a different way of living and being. The above representation of "Grace Dangerous" was created by Heather King. Heather writes: "The hand on the left (representing grace) is soft and 'in prayer.' The hand on the right (representing dangerous) is balled into a fist ready to 'fight the good fight.' Both are important and work well together. Ultimately, it is his grace that covers us and is our salvation."

Luke 10:1-12Elia Mrakovich

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