The leadership of ZPC consists of pastors, elders, and deacons. We follow the organizational structure prescribed by the Presbyterian Church (USA), which includes the pastors, Session, and Board of Deacons. In addition to our staff and ordained elders and deacons, many ministry leaders give their time and passion to lead, teach, and serve our members and our community.

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ZPC Session

The session is the governing board of a Presbyterian church made up of a group of women and men who are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms as the overseers and policy-makers of a church. Areas of oversight include administration, personnel, missions, education, property, finances, evangelism, worship, and the spiritual development of members. The ZPC Session is comprised of called pastors [teaching elders] who are ordained Ministers of the Word and Sacrament of the Presbyterian Church [Rev Dr. Jerry Deck and Rev. Scott Shelton] and 12 lay church members who have been elected as ruling elders. 

Our Session meets the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30–9 pm. Unless an Executive Session is called, these meetings are open to ZPC members and subject to the session's open meeting policy (PDF). Please read this policy prior to attending.

Questions, concerns, and communication from ZPCers are always welcome. Please use the link below to contact an individual session member or email the entire session at one time.

Contact a Session Member

Session-related documents, including minutes, are available in the ZPC Library. Select documents are also available at the bottom of this page.

Elders Class of 2023

Profile image of Mike Berry

Mike Berry

Elder, Class of 2023

Contact Mike

Mike and Karin Berry have been attending ZPC since 1991, but for 5 years when in Missouri. They have 2 wonderful kids Alicia and Wilson. Alicia and Wilson are in college pursuing a Medical Illustration degree and a Biomedical Engineering degree respectively.

Mike states, "I enjoy nearly every moment serving ZPC in the finance Committee, FAAT team, usher ministry, pre-building committee. All with awesome Brothers and Sisters.

I will serve where the Lord wants us to serve, hoping to uphold the ministries of the wonderful ZPC elders who have gone before us. As well as serving as a change agent if and where the Lord needs us to change."

Mike's hobbies: Waterskiing, boating, any activity near the water, jogging, traveling.


Profile image of Betsy Howden

Betsy Howden

Elder, Class of 2023

Contact Betsy

Betsy has been at ZPC for 29. She and husband Michal have two grown children, a son and a daughter. Betsy states, “Topher, Sam, and our 2 grandsons live in Zionsville so we are fortunate to see them often. Allie, William, and our granddaughter live in Los Angeles so we depend on FaceTime and the occasional visit to keep close to them I was fortunate enough to be with an amazing small group of women who began a women's Bible study at ZPC which started as ‘Bible Study is Great.’ It quickly morphed into the LifeChanges Bible study which has now become Soul Sisters. In the past I have also been involved with Heart to Heart and served on multiple Great Banquet teams. Most of my time, passion, and effort for 21 out of my 29 years at ZPC has been with the worship ministry. As the past Worship Coordinator, I have been active in most of the Worship Arts ministries and, until the pandemic, continued to serve as part of the Tech team.

Worship has always been important to me. God is worthy of our praise and our gathering on Sunday mornings not only offers us an opportunity to give God all praise and glory but it also offers us an opportunity to grow deeper in our relationship with God and invite others into that relationship. As important as that is, we also have a call to reach beyond our walls and into the community, to share the love and grace of God with those around us.You'll see me out walking in Zionsville when the weather is nice, which is good because I also like to bake and cook. If I do say so myself, I do make pretty yummy chocolate chip cookies (just ask the staff).”

Profile image of Sharon Pierce

Sharon Pierce

Elder, Class of 2023

Contact Sharon

Sharon has been at ZPC for 28 years. She has been married to her hubby, Steve for 48 years! They have twin daughters, a son, and a younger daughter, all of whom are married to amazing Christians. They have seven precious grandchildren who are sheer joy! She has been involved in the Middle School and High School Ministries and VBS; has served as a Lay Director for both the Awakening and the Women's Great Banquet; has served on the Generosity and Jeremiah House Teams; and loves being an Usher and Greeter for ZPC Worship! Sharon states, “I want to be intent on listening for God's discernment in how we should guide our Brothers and Sister in Christ in a Godly way. I also love seeking a compromise, whenever there are differing viewpoints!”

Sharon’s hobbies are: reading, walking, championing the needs of abused and neglected children, and hanging out with our amazing family and friends! 

Profile image of Greg Rankin

Greg Rankin

Deacon: Connection Team, leader

Contact Greg

Greg is married to Dinah and they have two young adult children, an older daughter Hadley and younger son Ben. Their family has served together at ZPC for more than 12 years. Greg wants to help people connect at ZPC and find their place to serve​. 

Greg's Hobby:​ He loves fishing​.

Elders Class of 2024

Profile image of Jane Burgess

Jane Burgess

Elder, Class of 2024

Contact Jane

Jane and her husband Claude have been at ZPC since 2002. They have been married for 30 years and have two grown children: Kristin, who is a medical student, and Thomas, who works for Vail Resorts in Keystone, Colorado. Jane states, "We have loved having Kristin and Thomas grow up at ZPC!"

Jane has been a ZPC Deacon previously and also involved in many other ministries  including Mission Action Committee (MAC), Soul Sisters, All-Church Retreat planning, Girls Awakening and Great Banquet, Interfaith Hospitality, several mission trips, Youth Inquirers , VBS Director, Habitat for Humanity, and MOPS mentor mom.

Jane states, "I would love to see our Session leading our congregation with a priority and focus on relationships as we connect with one another and others through both internal and external ministries and opportunities. Now more than ever after the pandemic, we need one another and we need to be a light sharing God’s love to others. I believe that this this is a time in the life of our church, as followers of Christ, that faith, love, and unity should be a priority going forward. Mother Teresa said 'What I can do, you cannot. What you can do, I cannot. But together we do something beautiful for God.'"

Jane's Hidden Talent: She is not afraid of heights, since she bungee jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, she also can teach you how to color code your Calendar Organizer.  

Profile image of Craig Olney

Craig Olney

Elder, Class of 2024

Contact Craig

Craig has been at ZPC for 17 years. He is married to Christy and they have two sons and two granddaughters. He been involved in Great Banquet, Kairos Prison Ministry, Grace Marriage, Hospitality, Greeter, Missions, and Singles Ministry.

His focus during his time on Session is the building campaign, generosity, adult discipleship and local missions.

Craig's hobbies include: golf, traveling and he's just beginning to play Pickleball.

Profile image of Brian Rockensuess

Brian Rockensuess

Elder, Class of 2024

Contact Brian

Brian and his wife of 11 years, Stephanie have been at ZPC since 2010. They live in Brownsburg with their three sons: Mason, Griffin, and Landon.

Brian has served on the usher team, volunteered to help load and deliver totes for Shepherd Community Center, and went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico on behalf of ZPC to install water purifiers.

Brian's hobbies: traveling, exercising, and woodworking.

Profile image of Darin Stalbaum

Darin Stalbaum

Elder, Class of 2024

Contact Darin

Darin and his wife Gretchen have been at ZPC since 2011. He and his wife Gretchen have been married 25 years and have three great children. Luke is at Xavier University, and Kyla and Teagan are at Zionsville High School and Middle School, respectively.

I am currently involved in home group, adult discipleship, and Grace Marriage at ZPC.

Darin’s hobbies: Family time, sports, and outdoor activities, namely hiking and kayaking.

Elders Class of 2025

Profile image of Karen Barnes

Karen Barnes

Elder, Class of 2025

Contact Karen

Karen has been a ZPC member since 1996. She's married to Clay Barnes and they have  2 adult daughters Gracie, and Christina, a Son-in-law Bryan Miller and a teenage son Noah. Karen says "ZPC is my church home and my spiritual family. I consider it an honor to do whatever small service I can to help our church thrive." 

Karen's hobby includes spreading Joy! She loves making “sunshine” gift baskets with her friends to surprise people who need a little extra sunshine on a dreary day. 

Profile image of Greg Lanham

Greg Lanham

Elder, Class of 2025

Contact Greg

Greg has been a member at ZPC since 1997, he's married to Chris and they have two adult daughters Paige and Carley. Greg is the Deputy Chief of Administration, for the Whitestown Fire Department. He's been on countless mission trips to Mexico with Pastor Shelton and has a passion for ZPC mission partners. 

Profile image of Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson

Elder, Class of 2025

Contact Laura

Laura Nelson has been a ZPC member since 2012, she's married to Todd and they have two school age children, a son Bryce, and a daughter Jordan. Laura serves as a physician in Brownsburg her specialties are Internal Medicine and Pediatrics she attended Indiana University School of Medicine. Todd and Laura are active in the Great Banquet Community and have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with all they meet.  

Profile image of Samantha (Sam) Spencer

Samantha (Sam) Spencer

Elder, Class of 2025

Contact Samantha (Sam)

Samantha (“Sam”) Spencer and her husband, Steve, have been married for 15 years.  They have three young children, Henry, David and Amelia (Millie).  Sam and Steve both grew up in Zionsville and would be happy to discuss the best things to do in town. 

After college, Sam served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Indiana University and DePauw University. It was during this period she developed a particular fondness for studying scripture and mentoring others through this journey of faith. Fast forward: after additional schooling, new jobs, and new cities, she maintains much of the same passion. Five years ago, Sam and her family were happy to return to Zionsville and join the ZPC worshipping community. On Sunday mornings, you can find Sam volunteering with the Littles Ministry, negotiating donut quantity with her kids (one donut really is enough), or looking for a new family that is visiting ZPC. She looks forward to meeting you. 

Fun fact:  Sam loves to learn and would be a professional student should the opportunity ever present itself, but school ain’t cheap.

Elders Class of 2026

Profile image of Stacey Schafer

Stacey Schafer

Elder, Class of 2026

Contact Stacey

Stacey has been a member at ZPC since 2006. She and her husband Matthew have two teenage children: a daughter, Sophia, and a son, Will.

Stacey says, "I chose to serve as an elder of ZPC because I believe this is something God is calling me to do so I may share the many blessings afforded to me with our broader church family and those in our community."

Stacey's Hobbies and Hidden Talent: My favorite hobbies are snow skiing with my family or going for a run on a crisp fall morning. My hidden talent is organizing. I love creating structure out of chaos. 

Profile image of Sam  Bouchie

Sam Bouchie

Elder, Class of 2026

Contact Sam

Sam and her husband Doug have been at ZPC since 2006. They have three children: Cora, Damon, and Bennett.

Sam says, "I was really led by some friends and fellow ZPC members toward serving as an elder. Many people prayerfully and intentionally encouraged me to be involved as an elder. ZPC and our church family have given so much to us, that I knew it was time to serve and give back!" 

Sam's hidden talent: I love presidential trivia and biographies, and my friends love trying to find a question on the topic to stump me. When I was 5, I memorized the presidents in order from a ruler in my Subway kid’s meal, and enjoy saying them all in “under 15 seconds” as my kids say!  My hobbies include tennis, singing, painting, and board games. 

Profile image of Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan

Elder, Class of 2026

Contact Scott

Scott and his wife Jenni have been at ZPC since 2002. They have four children: Emma, Kellen, Henry, and Brody.

Scott states he signed up to be an elder because he thought he could help.  

Scott's hidden talent: annoying his friends and family. His hobbies include riding bikes and traveling.

Profile image of Karyn Dzurisin

Karyn Dzurisin

Elder, Class of 2026

Contact Karyn

Karyn has worshiped at ZPC since 1997. She is married to Steve Wendt and together they have 5 adult children: Abby (spouse Nick)  Siegwarth, Cole Wendt, Alex Wendt, Molly Dzurisin, and Courtney Wendt.

Karyn states she wants to be an elder because or "her gratitude for ZPC and joy to serve our church family."

Karyn's hobbies are: pilates and tennis

Elders Clerk of Session

Profile image of Lynn Thomas

Lynn Thomas

Clerk of Session

Contact Lynn

Lynn and her husband Dale joined ZPC in the early 90s. They have two adult sons; Cole (wife Natalie) and Trent. Lynn has shared "ZPC is home to me. It’s a place where I worship and serve God and enjoy time with fellow believers. I want to help everyone who comes into ZPC to find their home here too.”

Lynn's Hidden Talent: Doing laundry!  "I love to do laundry. Stuff goes in so dirty, comes out so clean and fresh smelling. It’s an opportunity to give thanks for each item as you fold it - where you got it, where you wore it, or for the person who wore it.  It’s the ultimate multi-tasking opportunity. You can do laundry while you play, work, or nap!"

Select Session Documents

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ZPC Deacons

The ZPC Board of Deacons is a group that is ordained to provide hands-on care to our congregation and beyond through Deacon care teams. These teams serve as specialists in their respective areas, mobilizing others to help provide person-to-person care with a goal that every person will know the care and love of God. 

Questions, concerns, and communication from ZPCers are always welcome. To email one of our Deacon Members, please use the link below to contact an individual Deacon or email the entire Deacon Board at one time.

Deacons Class of 2023

Profile image of Kyle Adams

Kyle Adams

Deacon, Class of 2023

Contact Kyle

Kyle and his wife Kristen have been at ZPC since 2019. They co-parent our kids, Owen and Macy Adams, with fellow ZPCers Rob and Kelly Wierenga. Kyle is involved with Great Banquet, Sound Team, and ZPC Men. He and Kristen are involved with a ZPC Home Group and attend the Wit and Wisdom Sunday morning class.

Kyle says, "I grew up on Indianapolis’ near eastside, attending an urban church. While we now live in Indy’s northwest suburbs, my heart—and where I hope to focus—is with the ministries and churches on the frontlines of urban ministry."

Kyle's hobbies: fiddling with technology, cooking for friends and family, traveling off the beaten path, and enjoying puzzles of all sorts.

Profile image of Fritz Breisch

Fritz Breisch

Welcome Shepherds Team

Contact Fritz

Fritz and his wife Margie have been at ZPC since 1998. They have been married for 30 years and have three children all in their 20s. Their oldest son works in Chicago for a consulting firm. Their daughter is studying to become a physician's assistant, and their youngest son is studying computer engineering at Purdue. Fritz has been on the Mission Commission, and Jeremiah House Team, and has participated in Great Banquets and Awakenings. He also has been the main contact for Wheeler Mission, where he is actively engaged.

Fritz says, "I am on the Welcome Shepherds team. I am happy to help in any way I can to grow in faith with my church family. I enjoy hiking and visiting state and national parks - I'm working to get to all of them. I also enjoy going to college football games and seeing different campuses. Lastly, I enjoy studying God's Word with other believers. I felt like I had to add that last one in." :)

Profile image of Alexandra Brownell

Alexandra Brownell

Deacon, Class of 2023

Contact Alexandra

Alexandra and her husband, Andrew, have been at ZPC for 4 years. They have one son, Rhys. Alexandra is a teacher at Zionsville High School. She has been involved with ZPC Children's Ministry and Women's Ministry and has participated in raising money for clean water through Team World Vision. Alexandra states she hopes to “bring God's good news to his people through service and mission.

Alexandra’s hobbies include: Running, cooking, reading and traveling.

Profile image of Ashley Davidson-Lam

Ashley Davidson-Lam

Worship Coordinator & Deacon, Class of 2023

Contact Ashley

Ashley has been at ZPC since 2016. She and her husband have two boys. She helps in the nursery, has served on a Great Banquet team, and went to Spain on a mission trip. In December 2022, Ashley joined ZPC staff as the Coordinator of Connections and Worship.

Ashley's hobbies: Reading, spending time with family and friends, trying to DIY something, and a little online shopping

Margot Denger

Deacon, Volunteer Connection Team

Contact Margot

Margot has been at ZPC for 30 years. She has 2 adult children, both who live in Indianapolis. She has been widowed since 2004 and feels blessed that ZPC has been a part of several different phases of her life. She volunteers on the Tech Team Sunday mornings, serves with Great Banquet, and has taught Sunday School in the Children's Ministry for many years when her kids were younger. She also currently serves at Wheeler Mission's Center for Women & Children and is a member of Kaleo, an organization of women that partners with 13 different urban ministries in Central Indiana. She is excited to be serving on the Volunteer Connection team.

Hobbies: walking, traveling, cooking, reading, socializing with friends.

Profile image of Lisa Kayes

Lisa Kayes

Deacon, Class of 2023

Contact Lisa

Lisa has been at ZPC since 2005. She's been married to Kos for 30 years. They have 2 grown children. Kosmas Alec lives in Amsterdam. Alyssa is a kindergarten teacher at Pleasant View Elementary in Zionsville. Lisa's mother, Mary Faulkner, lives in Zionsville and is also a member of ZPC. 

Lisa volunteers at the Zionsville Food Pantry and in the Sunday Preschool classes. Her Home Group has helped with IHN and Str8Up Ministries. Lisa states, "I would love to focus on bridging the gap for the college age and young adults at ZPC."

Lisa's hobbies: "I love hiking with my family and our Westie Neeki. We enjoy traveling together also. When at home, I enjoy cooking and hosting extended family.

Stacy Nelson

Deacon, Class of 2023

Contact Stacy

Stacy and her husband Brian have been at ZPC since 2016. They have 2 adult daughters, who are also married, and they just welcomed their first grandchild in April.

Stacy is a member of the choir and is on the Musical Worship Team. She serves with the Community Assistance Ministry, is a Home Group leader, and has volunteered at VBS. Stacy states, "My focus will be with the fellowship team. I look forward to helping increase personal connections at ZPC, especially after COVID.

Stacy's hobbies: "I love cooking, gardening, and singing. I love watching sports."

Profile image of Amy Stehr

Amy Stehr

Bereavement Team

Contact Amy

Amy has been at ZPC since 1995. Along with her husband, John, they have a blended family with five children -- Morgan, Connor, Jeanie, Riley, and Meredith. They live in Zionsville. Amy has been involved with MOPS, the Meal Ministry, Sunday school volunteer, and small groups.

Amy's hobbies: cooking and baking, reading, traveling, and spending time with my family

Deacons Class of 2024

Profile image of Pam Bierwagen

Pam Bierwagen

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Pam

Pam and her husband Bob have been at ZPC for 35 years. They have been married for 41 years. They have 5 children; Kristin, Brad, Stacy, Kelsey, and Matt. Brad is married to Karyl and they have two children: Grace, 12, and Norah, 9. Kelsey is married to Rob Kern and they have two children: Ryker, 5, and Rylee, 2. Kristin lives locally. Matt lives in California, and Stacy lives in Australia. Pam says, "we are a crazy bunch when we get together!"

Pam has been involved in many ZPC ministries! Including Food Pantry, Prayer Team, teaching, Hospital Team, Great Banquet, mission trips, and she and Bob are Home Group leaders. 

Regarding how she see's her role at ZPC, Pam states,"to serve the congregation at ZPC and the surrounding community in whatever I am assigned to do. And to join in prayer for our church and community."

Pam's Hobbies: painting, writing, reading, sewing, and taking walks. Pam states, "I love children so very much. I am thrilled to babysit. It brings me great joy. We enjoy crafting, being silly, learning, and doing lots of activities. I like to make things that bring joy to others."

Profile image of Jim Croner

Jim Croner

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Jim

Jim was involved at ZPC for several years a while back. Then, rejoined ZPC in 2017. Jim and his wife Dana were married at ZPC in 1998. They have two adult daughters: Caroline and Rachel.

Jim has served previously as a Sunday school teacher when children were younger; on the Mission Commission Finance team for 4-5 yrs; as a greeter/usher; with Faith Ministry in Mexico short term mission. He has participated in Freebirds and ZPC Men.

Jim says he is interested in "serving our amazing Creator God at ZPC wherever needed."

Jim enjoys family, hiking, tennis, and reading.

Profile image of Jennifer Cross

Jennifer Cross

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer and her husband Pat have been at ZPC since 2001. They've been married for 25 years and have 3 adult children (Lauren, Mitch, and Lily) who are members of ZPC. Jennifer is a community volunteer currently serving on the Zionsville Community Enrichment Grant Committee. During her 20 years at ZPC, she has served as a VBS leader, Sunday school teacher, and a Youth Inquirers small group leader. She has also cherished her time as high school mentor at Great White North in Wisconsin.

Jennifer loves to travel, and is happiest spending time outside hiking, cross country skiing, and biking.
Profile image of Leah Haak

Leah Haak

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Leah

Leah and her husband of 18 years, Tim have been at ZPC since 2002. They have 3 kids, Charlie, Sam, and Allie.

Leah has served as a Sunday school teacher, greeter, and on the Kentucky Mission Trip.

Leah would like to serve wherever there is need especially in the areas of kids and outside missions.

Leah says, "with 3 busy kids, my biggest hobby is watching them play sports and other performances :) I also love cooking and exercising."

Profile image of Ann Letchworth

Ann Letchworth

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Ann

Ann and her husband Mike have been at ZPC for 9 years. They've been married for almost 47 years. They have 2 married sons; Matt and his wife live in St. Louis with their 2 sons, and Brooks and his wife live in Colorado with their 2 dogs.

Ann is an elder, ordained at a different church. At ZPC, she participates in the Great Banquet; Soul Sisters; MOPS childcare; Usher Team; Home Group; Women’s Gathering discussion leader; server at All Church brunches and Str8Up meals; provided bracelets and jewelry making classes for youth group auction; donated homemade masks to the Food Pantry recipients; and a coffee server in Gathering Space.

Ann states, "I’ve always felt that I have a servant’s heart so I would seek duties that would allow me to be the hands and feet of Christ as much as I am able."

Ann's hobbies: Jewelry making and teaching, flower gardening, some knitting and sewing

Anne Rumple

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Anne

Anne has been at ZPC since 2018. She is a single mother of two adult sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Aaron, his wife Makenna, and their two dogs, Ollie and Lo, live in Indianapolis. Brian lives in Chicago.

Anne has been involved with IHN hosting; Loose Threads; the Johnson Home Group; set-up for outdoor worship; and various “one call” volunteer opportunities (serve and clean up for Grace Marriage dinners, blood drive donor).

Anne states, "I will continue to try new ministries as opportunities arise. I feel drawn to helping imagine ways to support ZPC fellowship and involvement as a result of the effects of a pandemic-effected world."

Anne's hobbies: crossword puzzles and board games, a rousing family euchre tournament, reading, visiting National Parks, cooking and experimenting with flavor trees in creation of new recipes, and playing with her grandpuppies.

Profile image of Claire Shelton

Claire Shelton

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Claire

Claire and her husband Scott have been married since 1995. They have 4 young adult children and a little dog, Dixie. Claire has been served with ZPC Youth Ministry, Missions, Great Banquet, and as a ZPC Elder. Her passions include serving and helping others, especially seniors and through prayer. She loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, and watching sports with Scott and their kids!

Gary Stehle

Deacon, Class of 2024

Contact Gary

Gary has been at ZPC for about 20 years. He has a daughter Megan who is at Ball State studying to be a special needs teacher.
His son Brandon attends Zionsville Middle School and loves everything sports.

Over the years, Gary has been involved with Great Banquet, Awakening, and Outreach Indiana. He anticipates his focus while he is a Deacon will be working with Brendon and Elia and the youth programs at ZPC.

Gary's hobbies: watching and playing sports, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Deacons Class of 2025

Profile image of Emily Elmore

Emily Elmore

Meals Team

Contact Emily

Emily has been at ZPC since 2016. Along with her husband Ryan, they have three young boys; Lucas, Connor, and Graham. 

Emily chose to serve in the meals ministry because during times of excitement or grief, a warm meal from a friend goes a long way. She enjoys bringing care in the form of food to our church community.

Her hidden talent is organization! Emily says, "I love to clean and organize! My kids know that donating the toys and clothes they have outgrow to the community gives me so much joy!"

Lori Hostetler

Deacon, Connection Team

Contact Lori

Lori lives in the Crooked Creek area and became a member of ZPC in 2019. She has past Deacon experience at a Presbyterian Church in Irving, TX. Lori enjoys studying the Word with Monday night Soul Sisters, and in her Home Group and likes to fellowship with the ZPC Second Half Adventurers. She serves with the Kairos and Torch ministries that brings the light of Christ into prisons. Lori helps with VBS and Daddy Daughter Dance at ZPC and looks forward to helping and serving ZPCers in the future through the connections team.

Profile image of G-J (Gracia-Jean) Darling

G-J (Gracia-Jean) Darling

Deacon, Class of 2025

Contact G-J (Gracia-Jean)

Cheryl London

Deacon, Class of 2025

Contact Cheryl

Cheryl has been at ZPC since 2018. She's married to Kent and they have 3 young adult children, Courtney, Kyle, and Haley. Cheryl chose to serve as a Deacon because she wanted to serve our church family while supporting our leaders, and to walk alongside those wishing to grow in their understanding of Jesus.  

The hobbies she loves are hiking and gardening. Her new hobby since COVID is yoga!

Profile image of Jenni Nolan

Jenni Nolan

Deacon, Class of 2025

Contact Jenni

Jenni has been at ZPC since 2002, she's married to Scott and they have 4 Kids, college age Emma, high schooler Kellen, and school age twins, Henry and Brody. She chose to serve in this role as she is a "doer," and being a deacon affords her opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus for our congregation and beyond.

Her hidden talent is that she could beat nearly anyone at a hoola-hooping contest (regular hoola-hooping, none of that trick stuff).

Profile image of Melissa  Schmidt

Melissa Schmidt

Deacon, Class of 2025

Contact Melissa

Melissa along with her husband Kevin have been a member of ZPC since 1995.  Melissa is looking forward to being a Deacon because she enjoys serving people by showing love and concern for them during times in need.

As a hobby Melissa enjoys oil painting, and has been taking a class for at least ten years.

Dale Thomas

Deacon, Class of 2025, Youth and Young Adult Team

Contact Dale

Dale is Married to Lynn and they have 2 adult sons, Cole and Trent. He's been at ZPC 33 years less a 6 year hiatus so about 27 years. Dale said yes to being a Deacon with the young adult team because he was looking for a way to serve beyond Mission Commission Finance and being the Shepherd Community Liason. He was a Cub Master,  Boy Scout Assistant, and coached youth soccer and basketball, so being placed on the Youth and Young Adult Team was a great fit.

His Hobbies include, Golf, writing, and recently he's taken up fly fishing. 

Deacons Class of 2026

Profile image of Kelly Brewer

Kelly Brewer

Deacon, Class of 2026

Contact Kelly

Kelly and her husband Jordan have been at ZPC since 2017. They have two young boys, Walker and Bodie.

When asked about why she chose to be a Deacon, Kelly states, "ZPC has been there for me spiritually and emotionally as I grow in my faith and raise a family, and I hope to make others feel welcomed and find a home at ZPC!"

Kelly's hidden talents: Baking cookies, running, and being with my boys! 

Lucas Moser

Deacon, Class of 2026

Contact Lucas

Lucas and his wife Beth have been at ZPC since 2021. They have four children: Emerson, Calvin, Marty, and Roz. 

Lucas states he chose to serve because "My parents had always served in church leadership when I was growing up. It was clear that when the church body needs something, you should answer that call. I value these opportunities and want to impress the same into my kids. "

Lucas's hobbies: I enjoy cooking and learning about culture through food. I also enjoy teaching computer science and math part-time at Marian University.

Brad Clark

Deacon, Class of 2026

Contact Brad

Brad and his wife Maggie have been at ZPC since 2018. They have four daughters: Grace, Hannah, Lydia, and Eve.

When asked why he chose to be a deacon, Brad states, "I look forward to using the gifts God has given me to serve ZPC and our community."

Brad enjoys construction projects in his free time.

Profile image of Nancy Veazey

Nancy Veazey

Deacon, Class of 2026

Contact Nancy

Nancy Veazey joined ZPC in March 2023. She moved to Whitestown in August 2022 from Charleston, WV to be closer to family. Her husband David died in 2013. She has two children: Lynn Wooden and Todd Miller and a foster daughter, Trinette Brady.

Nancy's Talents: She loves working at the Zionsville Food Pantry, bowling, participating in Lion's Club activities, meeting and helping others. She also used to enjoy ceramics and playing volleyball. She states "I thoroughly enjoy watching my grandkids playing sports and I am very family-oriented!"

Melanie Coy

Deacon, Class of 2026

Contact Melanie

Melanie and her husband Trent have been attending ZPC since 2019. They have a daughter, Ella. 

Melanie will be serving with the Community Assistance Ministry. She states, "Being a Deacon is a way to become more involved in a church that has given my family and me a true church home. Being able to give back to that is a true blessing. I am also extremely humbled to be able to assist in our community and spread love."

Melanie's hobbies: "I love to bake, blog, and dance! My hidden talent is party planning."

Moderator of the Board of Deacons

Profile image of Mike E Ellis

Mike E Ellis

Moderator of the Board of Deacons

Contact Mike E

Mike and his wife Beth have been attending ZPC since 2002. Mike prays that God would continue to fill us to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, so that we “spill” over into others’ lives….daily.

Mike's Hidden Talent: is TOP secret!

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