Adult Ministry

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Jerry Deck

Senior Pastor


Jerry's desire is that ZPC will continually grow in its understanding of how we (as individuals and as a community) fit into the greater story of God in in this world. It is a story of God’s love for humanity and God’s desire for us to share his love, grace, and peace with those in our neighborhoods (wherever we work, live, or play), our country, and our world. Jerry hopes we can do this through speaking the hope of the gospel in dark situations, by feeding the hungry, by worshipping in truth and grace, by sacrificing our lives for others, and by loving our neighbors and our enemies. Jerry is married to Megan and they have 4 daughters: Shaughnessy, Adelie, Bromwyn, and Liesel. Jerry has served at ZPC since January 2014.

Jerry's Hidden Talent: "I can say the Alphabet backwards."

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Scott Shelton

Associate Pastor of Discipleship


Through his ministry, Scott wants people of all ages to receive the grace of Jesus and to share it with others. This means learning about Jesus in community and then living out what we are learning. He works with our children’s and student ministries and also adult leaders to help all of us creatively live out loving God with all that we are and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Scott has served at ZPC since 1994. Scott is married to Claire and they have 4 kids: Jacob, Lexia, Luke, and Graham.

Scott’s Hidden Talent:  memorizing sports stats

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Sally Bias

Director of Communications


Sally loves to work with other staff members and ZPCers to creatively communicate the love of God. The more visible ways she does this are the ZPC website, videos, the Sunday morning bulletin, and other print materials. She has attended ZPC since 1997 and served since 2003, first administering small groups and now in her role as communications director. Sally has 3 kids: Carly, Celia, and Carter.

Sally’s Hidden Talent: “I’ve been told I am a human jukebox, and I have a special place in my heart for camp songs.”

Worship Ministry

Profile image of Jason Chapel

Jason Chapel

Director of Worship


Jason grew up in Zionsville and became familiar with ZPC through serving on a few Great Banquet teams. He moved, along with his wife, Stephanie, and two daughters, June and Rose, from Michigan in May 2020 to come on staff at ZPC as the Associate Director of Worship. They currently live in Carmel. 

Jason's hidden talent: "I can whistle deafeningly loud. It’s useful with a 2.5 year old!"

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Becky Woods

Worship Coordinator


Becky has been serving as worship coordinator since November 2018. Becky is married to Mike and they have 3 children.

Stuart Johnson-Kwochka

Technical Director


Stuart was born in New Mexico but spent most of his life in Burnsville, North Carolina where he met his wife Annalee. They have traveled around for the past several years but have been in Indianapolis since 2017.  Stuart has grown to love ZPC through sound engineering since 2018 and it was a great fit for him to come on full time! Stuart says, "My goal for my ministry area is that the technology would be a helpful tool and not a stumbling block for everyone who uses it. On a more creative side, I want the technology to help portray the life and ministry at ZPC."

Stuart's Hidden Talent: I’m in a band, but my hidden talent is my fashion sense.

Children and Student Ministries

Profile image of Elia Mrakovich

Elia Mrakovich

Director of Next Generation Ministries


Elia is the new Director of Next Generation Ministries. He comes to us having served at several Central Indiana churches in high school, middle school, and children's ministries. He has a passion for meeting the developmental, emotional, and spiritual needs of students of all ages. 

Profile image of Kristin Lehr

Kristin Lehr

Children's Ministry Director | Birth - K


Kristin’s ministry touches families and kids from birth through kindergarten. Her goal is to have families connecting and growing together in their faith in and out of the church walls. She has served at ZPC since 2008. Kristin is married to David "Chip" Lehr and she has 3 boys: Connor, Carter, and Cooper Inskeep

Kristin’s Hidden Talent: “I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the Viola. Talent I WISH I had: Flaming Baton Twirler.”

Profile image of Brendon Saget

Brendon Saget

Director of Middle School Ministries


Brendon's ministry includes students from 5th to 8th grades. He has been in Zionsville for ten years and has been doing ministry for six of those years within churches and schools, as well as coaching at various places. His mission is to serve this community and build up the next generation in Christ through meaningful relationships and partnering with parents.

Operations Team

Profile image of Nancy Baker

Nancy Baker

Director of Operations


Nancy oversees the operations of the administrative areas of the church office, as well as providing administrative support for the pastoral staff and the session. Her goal is to provide needed information &/or support for ZPC leaders and families. Her prayer is that you will be blessed by the people and ministries of ZPC and that you in turn would be a blessing to others who don’t know the love of Jesus.

Nancy is married to Ron and they have 2+ grown-up children Josh, who is married to Alicia, and Becca. Nancy has worshiped at ZPC since 1991 and has been on staff since 1996.

Nancy’s Hidden Talent: "I have mad painting pottery skills."

Profile image of Lisa Price

Lisa Price

Ministry Assistant


Lisa’s friendly face is the first you seen when you come into the ZPC office. Her hope is for you to feel welcome and a sense of belonging when you walk into the office. Lisa loves being moved by God's word, connecting with people, attending mom groups, being outside, and spending time with her family. Lisa has served at ZPC since 2003. She is married to Shawn and they have Evey born in 2010 and Grayson born in 2012.

Lisa’s Hidden Talents: chocolate taste tester, hosting dance parties in my living room, and photography.  

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Michele Sutton

Financial Assistant; Mission Commission At-Large Member


Michele supports ZPC activities and ministries by helping those involved understand their financial information, so they can be good stewards. Her position allows her to see God’s hand of provision in the finances of ZPC and also all that ZPC is able to support. Michele has attended ZPC since 2003 and has served in her finance role since 2011. She is married to Jay and they have a son Sam and a daughter Kylie.

Michele’s Hidden Talent:  “Hiding my talent?  I’ll have to think on that one…”

Profile image of Nancy Gruesser

Nancy Gruesser



Nancy has been a member of ZPC for 16 years and joined the staff in August 2018. She supports ZPC by providing appropriate financial reporting, general accounting, and budgeting processes to aid our ministries in being good stewards of God’s resources. Nancy and her husband, David, live in Zionsville and have two daughters, Nicole and Erica.

Nancy’s Hidden Talent:  I can slalom water ski.


Profile image of Tim King

Tim King

Facilities Manager


Tim is the go to guy for all things in our building. He strives to provide a quality and welcoming environment for the groups and ministries that use our facility. He has served at ZPC since 2003. Tim is married to Heather and they have two daughters, Laurana and Lindriel.

Tim’s Hidden Talent: “I am taller than I look.”

Profile image of Ben Jones

Ben Jones

Facility Coordinator