Our call is to look more like Jesus. 

One way to do this is to learn more about God in community with others. Please consider the following groups, classes, and events that ZPC is offering.


NOV 20 | ROOM 206
We are gathering parents to have conversations about how to raise strong kids in Christ. Will we explore your immediate family and how family stories may be impacting families today. The class will wrap up with specific conversations around what we can do as individuals, families, and community to help raise our kids with intention. This class is sponsored by ZPC Men.
+ Darin Stalbaum

ZPC Home Groups are the most effective way to discuss and apply the sermon scripture, build friendships, and pray and serve together. Our groups meet for three sessions each year. [Sept 11-Nov 13; Jan 8-March 19; April 9-May 21].

Visit our online Home Group directory and request information about the groups you're interested in through the "request info" link at the top of each group listing. 

Check out group availability and request information online

> Contacts:  Scott Shelton [317.873.8137 x 1007]
                           Sally Bias [317.873.8137 x 1018]

ROOM 206
Parents will be discussing specifics on how to be wise with technology in our homes. Using the Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch, we will cover boundaries, values, and strategies to help use technology to benefit our family and not to distract from it.

Parents will begin conversations about how to create space in your home to cultivate what is known as a Sticky Faith. Dr. Kara Powell’s book Stickyfaith will help guide us through this short class as we focus on growing lasting faith in the lives of our kids.

3 BIG QUESTIONS | 10:45 AM | OCT 30-NOV 13 | ROOM 206
Research indicates these 3 questions are being asked by every teenager and the way they choose to answer them will direct their lives. We will spend 3 weeks exploring these questions in the minds of a teenager, discussing practical ways to help answer them, and what to do when we just have to wait for them to answer the questions themselves.

+ Elia Mrakovich [317.727.5609]

Join us in looking at Interior Freedom by Jacques Phillipe.This books helps us understand that even in the most difficult circumstances we possess a space of freedom that no one can take away because God is its guarantee. We gain possession of this freedom in proportion to our growth and perfection in love, in faith, and in hope. Without this discovery we will always be somewhat restricted and true happiness is not possible. Please purchase your own book. Some copies will be available to purchase in class on week 1.

> Lisa Prince [317.809.8990]

The Freebirds are a group who meet to fellowship together with the goal of having friends at church! If you are in your late 40s through retirement...you are probably a Freebird!! (If you have children, you qualify when your FIRST child graduates from high school. It's fine to have more kids still in school!)
Send your email to Christy Baugh to get on our email list.


Do you want more grace, more gratitude, and more connection in your marriage? Then join us for Grace Marriage! Two groups are available. Group 1 Meets Sept 10; Nov 12, Feb 11; and April 15. Group 2 meets Sept 17; Nov 19, Feb 18; and April 29.

+ Scott Shelton [317.873.6503]

Sign up for group 1

Sign up for group 2

This class seeks to be shaped by the Scriptures, and those who accurately reflect them, that we might live and think faithfully in a world shaped by forces alien to the Scriptures.

Justified and Alive in Christ: Romans 5-8 [Sept 11 – Nov 20]
We will follow Paul’s teachings in Romans. Paul’s address is truly theological, it is also very practical, if we live what he wrote.
Matthew’s Nativity Narrative [Nov 27 – Dec 18]
Throughout Advent we will study Jesus’ genealogy and birth account as told in the first two chapters of Matthew.                     

+ Stan Johnson [ ; 781.883.5577]
+ Jim Cochrane [ ; 317.650.9668]



The purpose of Faithful Moms is to encourage one another through various stages of motherhood while growing our faith. Come to one meeting or make them all. We know moms are busy so just come when you can!


Faithful Moms encourage each other thru motherhood while growing in our faith. Join us for quarterly events. In September, we’ll walk at Lions park and have ice cream at the Scoop! Meet at 6:30 pm at the Scoop. We’ll walk and head back to the Scoop around 7:30 pm. Come to one part or both. 

Encouragement, laughter, and faithful moms included.

Hillary Bustamante [317.418.7304]
Lisa Price [317.873.6503]

Personal. Directed. Transformational. Biblical. Flexible in timing and place. Multiplies. These words describe Heart to Heart Discipleship at ZPC. We'd love to help you intentionally grow as a follower of Jesus! Whether you would describe your walk with Christ as brand new, still being considered, or a long-term relationship you’ve had for years, this approach to discipleship can serve you.

This relationship with another woman provides:
• Friendship
• Prayer
• Encouragement, as you learn from each other
• Time together in God’s Word
• Preparation to pass on what you learn to someone else
• A meeting time and place that fits your lifestyle


Heart to Heart partners utilize Destined resources. These four books cover personal growth and training elements that equip individuals to walk with Christ and assist others to do the same. Destined study guides are $11 and available by contacting Sally Bias.

> Contact: Sally Eisbrenner [317.294.0130]

Every Thursday, 9 - 11:30 am

Location: Room 202

That’s what the ladies of Loose Threads do to help make a difference in our community. You are invited to help as we make quilts for the homeless and knitted or crocheted prayer shawls for the sick. Come for an hour or two or three! The group is always accepting cast offs of 100% wool clothing or blankets, bolts of solid color fleece, skeins of soft yarn, and cash donations.

Sue Armstrong [317.873.1625]
> Bobbi Rounds [317.809.2464]


MOPS | Friday mornings September through April + Playdates | approx. 2x a month | 9:30 am-11:30 am | ZPC Gathering Space

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is an international non-profit organization with over 2,500 chapters worldwide, for moms of infants to kindergartners, providing an opportunity to meet other moms and make the journey of motherhood together.

MOPS at ZPC exists to equip, encourage, develop, and nurture moms. Childcare is currently provided. The registration fee for MOPS at ZPC is $65 per mom, per semester; or $125 per mom, per year. This covers MOPS International registration, our operating costs, childcare, speakers, crafts, and materials. Please do not let cost in any way influence your decision to join. Scholarships are available. 

Gillian Welburn [317.793.4321] 
> Laura Andrews [317.496.0556]

To try a meeting Contact: Natalie Wentworth [ 650.269.8537 ]


What happens at a MOPS meeting?

A typical MOPS meeting includes announcements, childcare, fellowship, a speaker, small group discussion and a creative activity. 

2022 Fall Mops dates

  • September 16
  • October 7 & 21
  • November 4 & 18
  • December 2

2023 Spring Dates:

  • January 20
  • February 10 & 17
  • March 10 & 24
  • April 14 & 28
  • Picnic, Summer play dates and Moms Mingles

Soul Sisters | Thursdays | 9:30-11:30 am

Soul Sisters is a women's bible study offered on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 am and Mondays from 7-8:30 pm.

Thursday Soul Sisters

Join us as we study Romans-A 12 Week Study by Jared C. Wilson. Please purchase your own copy. We start with small group discussion at 9:30 am and continue with a large group lecture from 10:45-11:30 am.


> Leigh Ann Douglas [317.695.3718]

Monday Soul Sisters

Monday night Soul Sisters will meet at 7 pm at ZPC in Room 208. We are studying Romans: How to be right with God, yourself, and others by Warren Weirsbe. Contact Barb to join.

> Barb Luther [317.513.6945]

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Mondays | 6:50-8:20 pm

BSF provides the tools needed to grow deeper in the knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible. This year's BSF study, "People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided" will unpack a fascinating period in Israel's history across 15 book from its split into two nations through dozens of kings and prophets and ultimately to the heartbreaking exile to Babylon. Jesus loved the Old Testament, and you will too. For more information about BSF visit their websiteChinese and Spanish discussion groups are available.

> Laurie Poteet


Men's Thursday Morning Study

This men's group meets each Thursday morning. Doors open around 6:15 am for fellowship and coffee. The lesson begins about 6:35 am with a hard stop by 7:30 am. A Zoom option is available.

Topic:  We are going to dig into the Gospel of John.  The fall session will take us into December covering the first 11 chapters (skip Thanksgiving).  We'll take a brief Christmas break, then we'll resume again for the remainder of John in the spring.

Phil Carr [317.513.1430]

Mike Lunsford

Who are ZPCMen? It’s simple. Are you a guy that attends ZPC? Then you are a member of ZPCMen. ZPCMen take the mission of our church seriously and look for ways to be disciples who make other disciples. Some of the ways we do this are by connecting with other ZPCMen, seeking to build healthier relationships with family and friends, deepening our intimacy with God, and discovering how we can live out our unique design to the fullest.

Claude Burgess [317.840.1354]