Every Sunday, from 05/28/2023 to 08/13/2023, 9 am - 12 pm

Summer Schedule for Bigs and Littles

At both services (9 and 10:45 am) May 28-August 13.

  • Birth - age 3 will not have changes. They will check-in and go to the room listed on the name tag. These children will be picked up in that room.
  • Age 4 - 4th grade will check-in and go to the Sanctuary with parents. Mid-service they will be released to meet Mrs. Becky, Mrs. Jennifer, and Mrs. Linda in the back of the Sanctuary. We will take your child to class where we will have planned activities to teach the story of the week. You will pick up your child in the classroom listed on the name tag.
  • When you pick up your child, you must present the security tag. Especially during the summer months we need you to help us in this way while some volunteers are out on vacation and others are filling in for them. See some tips below!

Why are we doing this? ZPC values the corporate worship experience and this is an opportunity to expose our covenant children to that experience and begin to teach them what a worship service is, why it is important, and how to act in that space. Of course kids are going to make noise and struggle to pay attention! That is to be expected, and our church family is excited to welcome them into this space and help them learn the value of what happens in a service.

During the school year we pack every moment of class time full of intentional and meaningful opportunities to grow your kids in God's Word and truth. For this season, we would like to have them also learn from Jason, Pastor Jerry, and Pastor Scott. We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to having space to talk about the service when we get back to classrooms. We want our children to grow up and stay in the church. For them to make this personal choice as an emerging adult, we need to be actively exposing them to what happens in the church and helping them understand why it is important and good. The more opportunities they have to see the value of worship and experience God in that space, the more likely they are to choose a life of faith and worship for themselves once they leave the home.

If you have questions about classes for the summer or want tips for helping your child in the service, contact Becky Woods.

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