International Mission Partners

The mission initiatives in Romania focuses on four priorities: 

Church Partnerships and New Church Startups
ZPC supports a new church for a period of time until they are self-sufficient. Our support also helped start and support a Bible College to train new disciples.

Leadership Development
ZPC supports ongoing leadership intensive programs for evolving church leaders, church-based development programs, annual missionary conference, and annual pastor’s conference.  

Youth Development
ZPC supports programs at the Alpinis Retreat Center and Camp, annual youth camps for our church partners, and youth camps to evangelize youth. 

Compassion Ministries
ZPC supports ministries that care for trafficked and abused young girls, ministries that work with Turkish Muslim immigrant children, and MOPS Romania (now more than 80 MOPS chapters). Starting in March 2022, the ministries in Romania began an outreach to neighboring Ukraine refugees by providing housing, food, and transportation. This effort continues in 2023. Through the ZPC Mission Commission as well as private donations, ZPC sent more than $45,000 to Romania to assist in these humanitarian efforts.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Participate in a mission trip to Romania
  • Sponsor a young girl in their Compassion Ministry
  • Pray for Romania

+ Dave Gall [317.258.6214]

Through various partners, ZPC supports a myriad of ministry needs throughout Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa - church planting, a seminary, refugee support, evangelical churches, outreach to unreached people groups, satellite ministry, discipleship training, and compassion ministries, just to name a few. These ministries pursue a true nationwide and regional revival in which people would come into a permanent relationship with Jesus Christ.

> Philana Cunningham [317.507.8219]

ZPC has partnered with Christians in Quintana Roo, Mexico since 2000. In that time, more than 13 churches have been planted. This ministry has led VBS and done construction as well as provided leadership training, evangelism training, pastor/spouse retreats, and Great Banquet and Awakening retreats.

> Valerie Lindenschmidt [317.509.3449]

The mission initiative in Brazil focuses on three priorities:

1) New Church Development – ZPC partners with the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB), and local IPIB Presbyteries to develop new church plants. Currently the IPIB is developing nine new churches.

2) Leadership Training/Mentoring – SARA Ministry was organized by Rev. Dr. J.C. Pezini for the purpose of mentoring and coaching pastors and church leaders. This is accomplished by face-to-face training/mentoring retreats for pastors and church leaders; on-line mentoring of pastors; on-line master degree courses on Spiritual Formation and Church Revitalization taught at two seminaries; and mentoring church planting pastors.

3) Church Revitalization/Discipleship – In 2017, a team from ZPC partnered with a team from Brazil to begin the Great Banquet in São José do Rio Preto. Prior to the pandemic approximately 400 participants attended the Great Banquet. Plans are being made to start a new Great Banquet Community in Apucarana in spring 2023.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Prayers of encouragement
  • Participate on a mission trip to Brazil
  • Support financially

 + Steve Wright [317.696.5378]

International Missionaries

Over the years, Bill and Kwai Lin have had to reinvent themselves a number of times to reside in Mongolia and continue to serve. English teaching, Bible, theology, missiology, and practical ministry teaching, Mongolian language study, relief and development work have all filled their days (and evenings too). Today Bill teaches Mongolian History at Mongolia International University, to students from Mongolia, Russia, China, South Korea, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Latin America. Kwai Lin, with Bill, leads work and networks in the Tibetan Buddhist world, a vast region from Siberia to the Himalayas. Through the years, their overarching purpose remains the same: to glorify Christ, be his witness, invite others to join the Body of Christ in wholeness, and have them invite others in Christ’s love. 

+ Steve and Becky Furste [317.313.6864]

+ Alan Quick [317.989.9310]

Since 1992, Kathi Small has served with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) in Venezuela, Peru, and now, since 2017, in Guatemala. TEAM’s mission is to partner with the global Church in sending disciples who make disciples and establish missional churches to the glory of God. Kathi is an active member of a local church, Iglesia Reforma, in Guatemala City that just launched a new church near a local university. She is part of the faculty of the Central American Theological City, known as SETECA, in Guatemala City. Her teaching background in the US, Venezuela, and informally through a church ministry in southern Peru have served to prepare her for her present work.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Pray for Kathi’s time to complete her responsibilities, for family needs while she is in Guatemala, and for her spiritual growth.
  • Donate to the seminary’s scholarship fund for students who are not able to completely fund their studies.
  • Read Foreign to Familiar: a Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures, by Sarah Lanier (available at Amazon on Kindle $7.99). It’s brief and easy read about what cross-cultural workers may face.

+ Barry Sumner [317.840.5638] 

Frontier Fellowship strives to support needs for new indigenous churches and Jesus-movements. Dan helps identify vibrant movements to Christ among the remaining unreached people groups of the world. Everything he does is related to evangelizing the remaining ethnic groups which do not have their own indigenous Christian community. They share the Good News of Christ and at the same time care for the physical, emotional, and societal needs of the people group. He also helps de-Westernize the Gospel for the non-Western world. A main aim is to empower and support the emergence of local national church leaders.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Pray for his ministry.
  • Participate in a short-term mission.
  • Join the Egypt Frontier Network.
  • Support the ministry financially.

+ Philana Cunningham [317.507.8219]

Mark and Ruth McDowell along with family (Rainbow and Gloria) have been serving in the Philippines with OMF since 1995. The vision in OMF is “the urgent evangelization of East Asia’s billions.” They have adopted many ways to do good works in their church planting efforts by using sports to contact and share the gospel with many people. Those who come to faith are baptized and become a member in a local church and then they are equipped to utilize sports to share the gospel with many people. This process by the filling and guidance of the Holy Spirit continues today through their local church. They have basketball, volleyball, badminton, skateboard, tumbling, and aerobics ministries being held at their church and on the streets and basketball courts in Metro Manila. They have completed their church building campaign where they have worship services, basketball courts for sports, and living quarters for staff and missionaries. They mainly focus their ministries on children, disciplemaking, education, and evangelism among impoverished people.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Join their newsletter list.
  • Come visit them and experience first-hand how God is working in the Philippines!

+ Jim and Dana Croner [317.403.7020]

In 2013, Jennifer and John moved from Taiwan to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to help a fledgling ministry grow. This small group of Mongolian believers was looking to grow in their faith, exploring a vision for how God could use them, and training in reaching out to their networks of relationships. During the 1-2 years they were ‘stuck’ in the US during the pandemic, they regularly communicated with their Mongolian leadership team and came to realize that their need for them to live there full-time had come to an end. They were able to lead the ministry but needed on-going training and encouragement from Jennifer and John. They are now traveling to Mongolia twice a year, as well as providing on-line communication on a regular basis. The multi-generational ministry in Ulaanbaatar is focused on reaching out to students and young adults to: help them discover God’s love for them and new life offered through Jesus as they study the Bible; how to grow in their relationship with God, becoming his disciples; and learning how to help others do the same.

In 2022, the Navigators also asked them to help mentor a young couple who are opening up a campus ministry in Trinidad and Tobago. As the Navigators begin to reach out to other campuses on other English-speaking islands in the Caribbean, they will assist those going to build teams be well trained and equipped to do this type of ministry, and assist them to walk through and work through life issues in both ministry, marriage, and family life.

+ Dave and Joan Gall [317.258.6214]

Dan Duke has been serving with Wycliffe since 1990. He learned about the need for Bible translation while in high school at the age of 16, and he has been very blessed to live and serve many communities in Africa (Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Gabon). He is a linguist and trainer for communities who need to start developing the local unwritten speech in order to begin translating the Bible for their own people. Much of his work is very technical: teaching courses, writing reference books, and training materials. However, his main focus is always on the people: trying to understand, to build relationships, to mentor upcoming local workers who can then help their own people engage with the Scriptures. When he is in town, Dan will often be seen at ZPC.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Pray for the work he is doing to further the Kingdom.
  • Support his work through giving.

+ Claude Burgess [317.329.4198]

Karl and Sun Dahlfred are missionaries to Thailand. They work under the auspices of OMF International (originally China Inland Mission founded by Hudson Taylor), an international, interdenominational evangelical Protestant mission organization. During their time in Thailand, Karl taught church history at a Thai seminary and has assisted with translation and editing at Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers Thailand), one of the few publishers of Thai Christian books. They are also involved in church plant called Grace City Bangkok, and Karl does itinerant preaching at various churches in the Bangkok area and beyond. Sun homeschools their children and does one-on-one evangelism and discipleship with women. They are currently in the United States where Karl does some teaching with Thai Christians in Florida, along with writing articles, reviewing and contributing to books associated with the church in Thailand. Their objective is to get back to Thailand, but that time frame is undetermined. The Dalhfreds currently reside in Mims, Florida which is 45 minutes east of Orlando.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Pray for them as they continue their efforts to reach the Thai community both in Florida and in Thailand, and determine how and when they may be able to return to Thailand.
  • If you are in the Orlando area, this would be an easy trip to get together with the Dahlfreds and learn more about their ministry.
  • Visit the Adopt a Missionary wall!

+ Randy McNutt [317.432.2814]

National Missions

Through ZPCers generosity, the following missionaries and mission organizations are serving and releasing people to serve in our broken world.

Kristin and Michael Cary

The mission of Living Truth is to transform the lives of those struggling with sexual brokenness and to restore the shattered hearts of their partners. They host a podcast, connect with hurting people using social media, and oversee around 25 small groups and 35 volunteer facilitators that support men with unwanted sexual behavior and women with betrayal trauma. They run intensive retreats to bind up the broken hearted and set captives free. They speak at churches, conferences/events, and as guests on podcasts to educate and equip the church to fight this battle. They take a multidimensional and faith-based approach to recovery.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Social media, video editing, and podcast engineering and editing
  • Copywriting
  • Fundraising for scholarships
  • Group facilitators

+ Judy Barnes [317.997.3401]

This ministry focuses on an intentional approach to discipleship that equips men and women to make disciples who also multiply spiritually, doing the same training with others. The result: more “laborers” for the spiritual harvest. It has been active at ZPC since 2002 through Heart to Heart Discipleship for women and One-to-One Discipleship for men. The approach includes sharing Christ, training others in personal witness, resourcing church leaders, and developing all prayer and financial support needed. Outreach includes a focus on international women in Central Indiana.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Help others in evangelism, such as through a neighborhood gathering, a women’s outreach breakfast, hosting a special speaker to address individuals in particular social or interest areas.
  • Start-up trainings to help individuals, groups, and churches help lay the groundwork for one-to-one discipleship.
  • Financially support Donna’s ministry and/or join in prayer support.

+ Betty Sue Laffoon [317.370.5683]

Short Term Missions

Prayerfully consider how God might be prompting you to go on a short-term mission trip and how he might send you to utilize your time and talents to serve others in his kingdom.

Please note for all trips: Non-refundable payment for airfare (if applicable) is due 30 days prior to departure (or when tickets are ordered). The remaining non-refundable balance is due no later than two weeks prior to the mission trip departure.

Reynosa, Mexico | Approximately $300 (Airfare not included)

This trip is a great opportunity for families to serve together. Possibilities include interacting with local children through games, crafts, and worship; helping build a house; and assisting with meals at the medical clinic. 

Scott Shelton [317.873.6503x1007]

Barcelona, Spain | Approximately $2,200

This group builds relationships with the local missionaries and immigrants through such things as teaching English and Spanish; leading devotions, games, and crafts; and cleaning the church. 

> Philana Cunningham [317.507.8219]

The Foundation Momprince Thomas, Inc. (FMT) is changing lives through Jesus Christ in the Jacmel Region of Haiti, through discipleship, education, and humanitarian aid. They work to alleviate human suffering and to improve the lives of people in Lavanneau and other communities in the Jacmel region, located in the southern part of Haiti. By providing quality education, health care services, and spiritual nourishment to the people of Lavanneau, FMT strives to humbly increase the standards of living and hope for a better future for as many people as possible. 

FMT’s primary ministry is to provide a Christian education at little to no cost for families in or near Lavanneau, Haiti. With the Haitian literacy rate just over 50%, FMT started a school in 2011 with kindergarten through 2nd grade, FMT now offers classes through 8th grade and has an enrollment of nearly 250 students.

Ways to be Involved:

  • Join the annual short-term mission team to help with dental clinics and Vacation Bible School.
  • Sponsor a child as they receive a much-needed education.
  • Donate shoes and clothing.
  • Assist with VBS craft preparation.

Jill Robertson [317.439.8990]

Romania | Approximately $1,950

The Romania team visits with various partners that ZPC supports including local churches and missionaries. 

> Dave Gall [317.258.6214]

ZPC Mission Commission

The Mission Commission provides lay-led oversight and leadership for missions initiatives at ZPC. The team strives to equip and send disciples into our broken world to be witnesses of Jesus Christ. In doing so, they also guide mission funds to our partners around the world. The Mission Commission is made up of the ZPC Missions Chairperson, representatives from several sub-teams, and at-large members. The sub-teams of the Mission Commission are always looking for interested people to serve. Monthly meetings are held the second Wednesdays of most months.

Apply to be on the Mission Commission or MC Finance Committee