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2015 in review

       Last week we shared how it’s not too young to start talking about pornography with your student (whether they’re male or female).  If you missed it, CLICK HERE to view the article.  In case it didn’t register that ELEVEN is the average age of the first exposure to internet porn, here are some other stats to rattle your cage and get the ball rolling in talking to your student about sex.  These stats are a good reminder that a small sin in the dark can turn into a nightmare of issues in the light:

  • The amount of porn viewed on PornHub in 2015 ALONE is equaled to every person on the face of the earth viewing 12 videos each.
  • The most popular search on this site in 2015 was “step mom” and not far behind was “step sister” porn.
  • This particular porn site was visited an average of 6,700 times… PER SECOND 

Click on the article below to check out more astounding facts about PornHub’s 2015 review.

Discussion Questions with MS students: (Same as last week) What's your experience like with this sort of thing? What kinds of things are your friends doing? Have you ever accidentally run into these types of images online? How did you handle it?

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