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ABC "Family"


       More and more I kept asking myself, "is this show really on ABC Family?"  It seemed to me like the shows were increasing in the lack of morality, geared towards an older clientele, and growing in sexual content.  I later saw a commercial that ABC Family was changing their name.  The new name - Freeform.

       As the article below states, this isn't just a subtle change.  Instead, it's the culmination of years and years of slowly drifting away from a solid foundation to a fluid place where anyone can be anything and do anything they want.  What's crazy to think about is the fact that at one time, this channel was called, The Christian Broadcasting Network’s, "The Family Channel."  For a deeper explanation on how and why this change took place in January, check out the article.

Discussion questions with MS students: Do you watch this channel? What shows do you or your friends watch on here? Do you think they're ethical? What change have you seen a change in the programming?

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Cara Grimes on August 7, 2016 3:19pm

Not sure how the discussions went with the students but I have always questioned the "ABC Family" tag since the a lot of their shows are not what I call "family friendly". Interesting article! Thanks for sharing and having the middle school students think about what they are watching.