Crooked Creek Neighborhood

November 3, 2023 | Krysta Jordan

Welcome to an intro to the Crooked Creek Community! 

This fast-growing community is home to an array of history, beauty, diversity, and culture. Crooked Creek is bounded by 79th Street on the north, White River on the east, and its area is approximately a 3-mile stretch between Michigan Road from 79th-38th streets. The Crooked Creek area is approximately a 15-minute drive from ZPC south along Michigan Road.

Originally, the idea of ZPC partnering with the Crooked Creek Community and City Life (Youth for Christ) came from the desire to mobilize the passion, resources, and gifts of the ZPC church body as they co-labor with their neighbors at 71st and Michigan Road area. City Life’s mission is to help empower young people as they develop a way of living taught by Jesus Christ: Balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Along with students, the family unit is supported and sustained through ongoing involvement, wrap-around care, and building valued relationships.

    Statistics about Crooked Creek:

    • The official “Crooked Creek neighborhood” is located north of Kessler Boulevard, south of 79th Street, and between Michigan and Cooper Road to the west and Grandview to the east and is home to more than 12,000 residents.  
    • populated with 14,700 people–82% English-speaking; 12 % Spanish-speaking

    • ethnicities represented include: Yugoslav, Mexican, Asian, Irish, Jamaican, and Sub-Saharan African (there are more Yugoslav and Sub-Saharan African people in the Crooked Creek Neighborhood than any other neighborhood in the U.S.)

    • 61.5% of children are below poverty line

    • has a higher rate of poverty than 97% of U.S. neighborhoods

    • has an income level lower than 88.4% of US neighborhoods

    • home to well-known organizations including: Str8up Ministries, The Jewish Community Center, The Fay Biccard Glick Center, and two Indianapolis Public Library Branches--Michigan Road and Pike

    Ongoing efforts in the Crooked Creek Neighborhood continue to enhance the quality of life for residents. Since 1998, The Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation (CDC) is one of the essential organizations helping to build a healthier and stronger neighborhood through affordable housing, economic development, and increased economic opportunities for its residents.

    Education is highly valued in the community, with top-rated schools and educational institutions for students of all ages and backgrounds. Indianapolis Metropolitan School District schools in Pike and Washington townships serve the Crooked Creek area. 

    Statistics about Pike Township:

    • serves 13 schools and 10,919 students

    • includes 1 high school and 3 middle schools

    • is an award-winning school district

    • 85 languages are spoken

    • the student body includes students from 65 different countries

    Also, don’t forget one way to experience the diversity and culture in Crooked Creek is to visit local restaurants! Some of the places I’ve tried for myself and recommend include: Los Portales Restaurant, Jamaican Style Jerk Restaurant, and the food truck Gail’s Fish and Chips.

    Currently, City Life is serving high school students from Pike High School. City Life partners with the Indianapolis Pike Public Library with a program that runs every Thursday from 4:45-6 pm. Students are able to connect with other students and adults through snacks, games, and activities. Volunteers are always welcomed and needed in the Crooked Creek Ministry!

    Please join this partnership as we embark on a journey through serving and coming along side community organizations, businesses, students, and families in building community and relationships in the Crooked Creek Community.

    For more information about the City Life Crooked Creek Ministry or how you can become involved, please contact Krysta Jordan.