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Fake + Instagram = Finstagrams!

       Middle School students are constantly trying to find out just who they are and social media plays a huge role in this.  Students compartmentalize their lives living as one person at school, another at home, and even a different one on the internet.  Sometimes it’s easy to just assume someone acts the same way around every type of person, but often that’s not the case.

       A few months ago, we highlighted an app that allows students to hide their photos in an application that looks like a calculator.  You can check out that article by clicking here.  This week, we take a look at what “Finstas” are and why they’re important to students with Instagram accounts.

Discussion questions with MS students:  Have you heard of Finstas or fake Instagram accounts?  Do your friends have them?  Do you have one?  Is there a positive/negative result in having these types of accounts?  What are they typically used for?

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