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Hidden Pictures App

       Parents need to be aware of a fairly new app that is popping up on student's iPhones and iPod devices.  The app is called Calculator% (only for Apple devices, not available through Android) and is basically a way for users to hide photos/video.  The basic idea is that the app appears to be a calculator, but when a secret code is entered, the user is able to see private videos and photos that are stored on the device.  This app may be helpful to some, but like all things it can be used for destructive behavior as well.

       Although not all of our students have phones, tablets, or computers, chances are they will be in position at some point to hide something they don't want seen.  And this app is making it much easier to do just that.  Check out the 2 minute video in the article below to learn more about the app and what it does and doesn't do.

Discussion questions with MS students – If someone were to follow you around for a day, would your actions demonstrate your faith?  Would you be ok with someone looking through your phone/locker/notebook?  Do you have someone keeping you accountable with how you act, words you speak, and how you spend your time?

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