Praying for Isabelle

November 30, 2021 | Kathy Glover

About the author: Kathy Glover and her husband, Steve, retired recently from Glover’s Ice Cream, and moved to Zionsville to be closer to their three children and six grandchildren. As new members of ZPC, they look forward to meeting and serving others.   

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 25:1-10

When I was asked to write a devotional for Advent, I said yes, but did not know what verse it would be on. I was surprised to discover the verse I was asked to write on was a personal one for me. Psalm 25:1-10 speaks of trusting in the Lord’s Ways, of being taught and guided by God. He leads us and instructs us when we listen and follow him. Our hope is in him “all day long.”  

The verses Psalm 25:4-5 are ones I have prayed daily for my granddaughter Isabelle. Isabelle was very sick with leukemia from age 2 until 4. I remember at a certain point when she was very ill, her mother (my daughter Ashley) felt she needed to release Isabelle over to God, trusting God’s will for her, even if it meant he would choose not to heal her. I will admit that I did not want to let God decide whether she would live or die. But I desperately wanted Isabelle to know and follow the Lord as her Savior. That is why I chose these verses for her. I prayed daily for Isabelle that God would “show her his ways”, that the Lord would “ teach her H=his paths,” that he would “guide her in his truth and teach her,” for Isabelle to know him as her personal Lord and Savior– her “hope all day long.” I trusted that God would teach and guide her even at her young age of two. And I trusted that Isabelle’s hope would be anchored to the Lord, even when she was weak and lost her hair. I thank God for healing her of leukemia (she is now in remission at age six), but I continue to pray that her hope will be held firmly in Christ for her salvation and as Lord of her life. 


Father God,
Thank you for teaching and guiding us in your ways.  Help us to humbly listen and follow you daily. You are our anchor, our hope each day.  
Trusting in Jesus, Amen.


Choose a specific Bible verse to pray daily for a child, grandchild, other family member or friend.