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Social and Physical Health

      At every ministry event we put on here at ZPC, it seems like the first question people ask is, "who's going?"  That's because as human beings and people created for relationships, we have a natural desire to be around people we connect with (yes, even introverts).  And this is no different than our students.

       This article talks about just how important it is for our students to be socially active.  Some of the benefits to teens that are socially active include:

  • Lower obesity
  • Better at coping with stress
  • Increase in overall health
  • Increased social support system

       Take a look at the article for more insight as to how your student's social life can be affecting their physical health.

Discussion questions with MS students: Do you feel like you have a group of friends you can rely on? What would you do without them? Do you think they have an impact on your physical health? Do you think of yourself as a "social" person?

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