Staying true to your faith

December 20, 2021 | Melanie Worzala

About the author: Melanie Worzala is an 8th grader at Zionsville Middle School and has gone to ZPC her whole life. Melanie’s parents, Jeff and Angie, joined the church in early 2008; Mel was born and baptized that same year. Melanie has been involved in several children’s ministries at ZPC, including attending Noah’s Ark for her first five years, yearly Vacation Bible Schools, Youth Inquirers, Middle School Ministry (MSM) and the 8th grade leadership team, as well as participating in an ongoing small group with her 8th grade classmates. Melanie has a sixth grade brother, Joey, who is also active at ZPC, and a two year old dog named Bailey.

Today's scripture: Titus 3:4-7

When I was asked to write a devotional for the church, I was so excited! I read my passage and at first I had a hard time connecting the passage to my life. After praying and reading it over with my mom, I realized what I wanted to write my devotional on. Being a teenager is hard in many ways, but a really hard thing for me is staying true to my faith. I’ve gone to ZPC my whole life and I know God is always there for me. I try to read either Jesus Calling every day or a Bob Goff book from my bible study leader. But even reading those and going to church each week, I still have doubts sometimes.

This relates to today's passage because with God’s mercy and grace I am always reminded that he is there. I am reminded through MSM lessons but also through praying. I mostly pray when things in my life go wrong, and God answers them. I don’t always hear the answer, but my mom always reminds me that it's part of his plan. But at church one day, I was given a challenge to try and pray when something good happened that week. I started praying when I did well on a test or when I just had a good day in general. When praying while something good happened, I really felt God because I knew that he was there with me through it and it was all his works.

“God doesn’t need us, but he wants us.” Brendon says this a lot at MSM, and this what I feel when praying, because God answers our prayers and plans our lives out perfect for us just because he loves us. He doesn’t have to be there for us but he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins and give us grace. I was saved through grace by being baptized.


Pray to God each day about something good that happened in your day.


Dear God,
Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and grace. Thank you for continuing that grace even when we don’t deserve it. Thank you for the good things in my life.