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What are you looking for? Sermon Recap

When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?”             John 1:38

If you weren't at church on Sunday or if you are having a hard time remembering why you're receiving at text from ZPC every day this week at 4 pm, here is a refresher:

On Sunday, Jerry discussed the question, "what are you looking for?" At the end of the first chapter of John, Jesus asks his disciples this critical question. It was critical to these men, whom Jesus had just called to follow him, and it is critical for us today. The question shapes us, shapes our journey, and shapes the outcome of our journey. 

If we don't ask this question and we don't look for Jesus in our everyday lives, it should not surprise us when we don't find him. When we go through our lives at mach speed, we are not asking the question, "what is right here," but instead we default to "what is coming next?" and we miss out on the opportunity to see God in our midst and to share that with others. 

Instead, let's moving away from unconscious business and toward conscious habitation.

May your week be blessed with the certainty of feeling and knowing the presence of God.

Want to listen to the whole sermon? Click here.

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