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Youtube Videos

       Last week the post was about what people your kids are following and watching.  This week is about the type of videos they're watching.  Some of the types of videos make you think, "people really watch this?"  Yes.  Yes they do.  Hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people watch these types of videos.

       So what types of videos are kids watching?  The article below describes the main genres as: Let's Plays, Minecraft, Unboxing, Challenges, Makeup and Fashion, and generally Funny Stuff.  To learn more about what these videos contain as well as some of the main personalities that post these videos with millions of views, click the article below.

Discussion questions with MS students:  What type of videos do you watch? Have you seen these types of videos? Do you think they are a good use of time? What do you think about the language many of the popular Youtubers use?

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