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The Mind of a Teenager

       What is going on inside that kid's brain?!?!  I'm sure we've all thought that at one point or another.  A recent article about this very subject tries (key word, TRIES) to shed light on what's actually going on inside the head of a 12-year-old, specifically in girls.

       A few main interesting points from the article:

  • Feeling centres beneath the cortex are actually more sensitive in teens than in children or adults.
  • Emotional input rings like a gong for teenagers and a chime for everyone else - in other words, they are VERY influenced by the feelings of those around them.
  • Studies find that hormones respond to, or may even be trumped by, other factors that influence your daughter’s mood, such as stressful events or the quality of her relationship with you (the parent).
  • Teenagers often manage their feelings by dumping the uncomfortable ones on their parents.
  • Instead of being rude or aggressive toward peers or teachers at school, your daughter contains her irritation and waits until she is safely in your company to express it. (This is why some parents may hear that their child is an "angel" or "saint" from peer, coaches, or teachers and immediately think, "well they're the devil at home!"

       To check out the whole article, click on the link below:


Discussion questions with MS students: Do you feel like you're influenced by your peers thoughts/feelings? Is there someone you feel comfortable "dumping" your feelings on? What do you think about some of these main point claims?

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Sharpie Shock Challenge

       Has your student come home with a black square on their arm from a Sharpie?  Most likely they've been "shocking" themselves at school.  The idea is to get a rush of adrenaline from shocking yourself using a Sharpie and your phone.

       How it works: students draw a black square on their arm with a Sharpie.  Then they open up the camera on their phone and turn on the flash.  You then put the flash of the phone where the Sharpie square is drawn and take a picture.  The result is a "shock" to your arm apparently caused by the black marker absorbing sudden heat from the phone flash.

       For the most part, there doesn't seem to be anything extremely harmful (except looking like a dummy with a black square on your arm the rest of the day).  But at the same time, there's probably not a positive outcome for doing this.  Check out the video below as well as some other info and pictures.

Discussion questions with MS students: Have you seen or heard of this being done? What was your reaction? Why did/didn't you do this? What is the point of doing this?

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