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Youtube "Stars"


       Last week we posted about how kids spend their time.  Much of it (as much as 6 hours/day) is spent on their phones.  Even if they don't yet have a phone, much of it is spent in front of a device.  So what are they doing?  A good guess is watching some sort of video - Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, Vine, etc.

       Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the planet, so what are they watching on there and is it edifying?  Check out the article below to take a look at several Youtube "stars" and you be the judge!

*Note, this article was published in Sept 2014. So, this top 10 list has since changed, but all 10 of these Youtubers have gained a significant amount of subscribers over the last two years to remain prevalent in the vlogging world.

Discussion questions with MS students:  Have you heard of any of these Youtubers? Seen their videos? What do you think? Who do you subscribe to or watch videos of? Do you think it gives glory to God? Why/why not?

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How students spend their time

       Do you ever wonder how your student spends most of their time?  At what age do kids typically get phones?  When they get them, what do they actually DO on their phones?  This article answers a few of those questions and many more.  Here are several key points I found interesting in the article:

  • On average, students received smartphones from their parents when they were 11 years old
  • Teens spend about six hours a day on their phones
  • Teens are very good at knowing "when you're not being authentic"
  • Students nowadays are STILL finding ways to connect and share memories with peers, and that part is essential
  • (And my personal favorite) - Students of this generation are "a lot smarter than they’re given credit for"

       To read the entire study AND see some home-screen snapshots of real teens/pre-teens's cell phones, click the link below:


Discussion questions with MS students:  Do you agree/disagree with some of these answers? How would you say you spend most of your time? Is your time used wisely? How much screen time is too much? Why? Is there such thing as too much screen time?

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