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Who is man?

About this post: We want to stay connected! This blog post is part of a series of daily devotionals for this season. Read them, share them, and pray that they bring God's peace and love to our communities. To sign up to receive text notification of these posts, text ZPCDevo to 317.768.0600. We welcome your comments and questions each day. 

About the Author: Sally Bias has been attending ZPC for 22 years. She has served on staff at ZPC since 2003. She has three children: Carly and Celia, who are students at Indiana University, and Carter, who is a freshman at Zionsville Community High School.

Today's Scripture: Psalm 8

What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
and the son of man, that thou visitest him?         Psalm 8:4

I remember seeing a video at some point about Psalm 8:4. It involved individuals conducting man on the street interviews with students at a college where Psalm 8:4 was engraved on one of the buildings. They asked the students things like what the quote meant and where it came from. Very few, if any of them, knew the correct meaning or author. This is not surprising because, after some Googling, I discovered the aforementioned building is Emerson Hall, the philosophy building at Harvard University.

Through my Googling, I also found a blog post written a man who had been an undergraduate philosophy major at Harvard. He indicated that many of his contemporary philosophy professors did not believe in God. He said they taught that “truth was merely a human construct," and that "God was basically irrelevant to human thought.”

It’s pretty ironic that a verse of poetry written by David reminding us of our smallness and “less than-ness” is engraved on a building that, in 2020, represents to many the exact opposite. The blogger said if the engraving was done today, it probably would have read “What is God that thou art mindful of him?”

I have pondered verse 4 over the years and have been humbled by the concept of an all knowing, all powerful God paying attention to little ole me. In some ways it’s easy for me to become indignant or think how foolish those smart Harvard people are for discounting God. However, how often do I forget that (as Jerry has said) God is God and I am not? What would it look like if I believed, understood, and lived into the reality that the Creator of the Universe, whose name is majestic and echoes around the world, desires to know me and be in relationship with me? It’s certainly humbling and something to consider.

P.S. After I had finished reading the blog post I found, I scrolled back to the top to note who the author was so I could give him credit in my devotional. The writer was the Rev. Dr. Mark Roberts, ZPC’s 2018 All Church Retreat speaker. 


Creator of the heavens, moon, and stars, we praise your name! Thank you that you are mindful of us. We pray that each day we will grow more mindful of your greatness, your worthiness, and your love for us.

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What are you looking for? Sermon Recap

When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?”             John 1:38

If you weren't at church on Sunday or if you are having a hard time remembering why you're receiving at text from ZPC every day this week at 4 pm, here is a refresher:

On Sunday, Jerry discussed the question, "what are you looking for?" At the end of the first chapter of John, Jesus asks his disciples this critical question. It was critical to these men, whom Jesus had just called to follow him, and it is critical for us today. The question shapes us, shapes our journey, and shapes the outcome of our journey. 

If we don't ask this question and we don't look for Jesus in our everyday lives, it should not surprise us when we don't find him. When we go through our lives at mach speed, we are not asking the question, "what is right here," but instead we default to "what is coming next?" and we miss out on the opportunity to see God in our midst and to share that with others. 

Instead, let's moving away from unconscious business and toward conscious habitation.

May your week be blessed with the certainty of feeling and knowing the presence of God.

Want to listen to the whole sermon? Click here.

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