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Risk vs. Reward

       Risk versus Reward.  Coming from a Finance background, this was something I wrestled with every day in college.  There were different theories and ways in which to measure risk, reward and how to compare the two.  Unfortunately, no theory was perfect and they’re all flawed in some way, but most of them guided me to make a smart decision. 

       This Washington Post article talks about the risks and rewards of parenting a Middle Schooler.  These students are looking to take risks with the expectation that the reward is finding their identity.  I’m thankful my parents allowed me to take risks while I was in school so they could talk me through what worked and what didn’t.  Granting me that ability to take risks has given me the freedom to find my true identity in Christ.  Check out the article below.

Discussion Questions with MS students: What's a risk you've always wanted to take? Why haven't you taken it? What holds you back from taking risks? Do you ever think about the potential rewards/consequences? What's a risk you've taken lately that you shouldn't have?

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Starbucks Cups

       If you have a Middle Schooler, you probably already know how much many of them love Starbucks.  With the Zionsville location so close to the school, I often see many of our students walking there after school lets out.  It's also an often visited location for people in ministry, early morning meetings, and daily coffee-fixes.  But again they're the center of attention for a social media campaign against them.

       One former pastor is outraged that Starbucks is attempting to take Christ out of Christmas.  So he's lobbied for Christians to tell Starbucks their name is "Merry Christmas" in order to force Starbucks employees to use the phrase.  But is this how Christians should act?  Should we be forcing our celebrations on others?  Should this even be a big deal in the first place?  Check out this article for more on what's happening.

Discussion Questions with MS students: Is Starbucks really taking over Christmas? Should their cups be a big deal for Christians? What other things should we worry about besides what's on a cup? Would Jesus complain about the culture and society's "War on Christmas?" How do we handle this as Christians?

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