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Fourth Week of Advent

December 20, 2020 | Kristin Lehr

Editor's Note: We have arrived at the 4th week of Advent and our theme this week is love. ZPC's Director of Children's Ministries, Kristin Lehr, gives us a recap of the 4 weeks of advent in this special vlog. Enjoy!

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Peace through the ages

December 19, 2020 | Bob Rottmann

About the author: Bob Rottmann has been a member of ZPC for 3 years. A Christian all of his life, he has been involved in many leadership roles over the years. At ZPC, he attended Great Banquet #125 and was on the GB team for #133 in a...

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Seeking joy, even in turmoil

December 18, 2020 | Cindy Argentine

About the author: Cindy Argentine and her husband, Mark, have been members of ZPC for 15 years. They have three children—two young-adult sons and a daughter in high school. Cindy serves as a Deacon, prays with the Intercessory Prayer...

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December 17, 2020 | Val Lindenschmidt

About the author: Valerie Lindenschmidt has been attending ZPC for 20+ years. Together she and her husband John have 3 children and one amazing grandson. Val and John are in a ZPC Home Group that they love. Valerie is a non-sitting Elder and has...

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You are the tree

December 16, 2020 | Darin Stalbaum, Acting Elder

About the author: Darin is married to Gretchen and they are approaching 25 years of marriage. They have been members of ZPC since moving to Zionsville in 2011, and they are the proud parents of ZCHS/MS students Luke (senior), Kyla (sophomore)...

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