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Most Influential Teens

With media, breaking news, and social networks in the palm of your hand, it becomes easier and easier to have a voice and influence others.  Time Magazine puts out an annual list of young people who seem to do this best a dub them the "Most Influential Teens."  This year's list includes many from last year.  Most notably: Jazz Jennings, Shawn Mendes, Jaden Smith, Malia Obama, Lydia Ko, the Jenners, Malala Yousafzai, and Bethany Mota.

       The articles below give a quick description of what the Most Influential Teens do, how they have influence, and what they say.  Check it out to see what people may be influencing your student.

Discussion Questions with MS students: What people most influence you? Do you follow any of these people? Why/why not? Do you know what they stand for or why they are famous? How do you feel about these issues? Do you think their influence is positive or negative and why?

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Reasons your MS is Freaking Out

       We all have different things that "freak us out."  Some of them are logical, some of them are not.  Check out this article with some funny one-liners that perfectly sum up Middle School emotions.

Discussion questions with MS students:  What are some things that are freaking you out right now? Can you resonate with any of these? Is there something you've freaked out about lately that actually wasn't that big of a deal? What can I do, to help you feel loved when you're "freaking out?"

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